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Add Chemicals to Your Pool: FAQ

Q: How do I add chemicals to my pool?

A: Depending on the type of pool you own will determine the proper way to add chemicals to your pool. Always read the instruction label on the individual chemical container before adding the chemical to the pool. Use only one chemical at a time - DO NOT MIX CHEMICALS TOGETHER!

  • Vinyl Liner Pools - All granular products must be pre-dissolved in a bucket of water before being added to the swimming pool. The solution should be poured around the perimeter of the pool with the majority of the solution added to the deep end. Liquid products may be added directly to the pool water but are more effective if they are also pre-dissolved in a bucket of water and poured around the pool. If a granular product is added to the pool water and some of the product piles up on the floor of the pool, it can cause staining or damage to the pool liner. Always rinse the mixing bucket thoroughly before mixing the next chemical. Always add chemicals to a filled bucket of water instead of adding water to a bucket with chemicals and no water. This will prevent the chemicals from being splashed up and into your eyes or face.

  • Concrete Pools - Granular products may be "broadcasted" to the surface of the pool water. Use care when broadcasting chemicals into the pool because the wind can blow the chemical onto the deck or back at you. Do not allow the chemical to pile up in one place on the pool floor or it may damage the pool surface. Use the pool pole and brush to stir up any settled chemical on the pool floor. Although pre-dissolving granular and liquid chemicals is not required, it is more effective.

Q: How do I maintain my pool water?

A: Proper pool/spa water care is not complicated and depends of a few basic principles.

  • Physical Care - Effective filtration and circulation of pool/spa water, brushing and backwashing.
  • Chemical Treatment:
    • Control biology - Disinfection and oxidation, to protect the bather from harmful organisms and wastes.
    • Control Minerals - Maintain chemical "water balance" of minerals, pH, and total alkalinity to protect pool/spa surfaces and equipment.

Physical care and chemical treatment work together to maintain good, sparkling, clear water. Filtration removes insoluble matter, such as particles of dirt, organic matter, and other debris. Chemical treatment is used to kill bacteria and disease-producing organisms as well as to oxidize organic matter and tiny algae plants which are introduced into the water. Chemicals are also needed to adjust factors of chemical water balance that affect people and corrode or scale equipment. Together, chemicals are used to protect people and equipment.

*All advice is to be used at your own risk. The Owner of this company, anyone associated with this company and web service provider do not assume any responsibility if damage/injury to your pool or yourself occurs. If you are unfamiliar with your pool, please contact a pool service technician professional.